how to play chandelier

How to Play Chandelier: Perfecting the Art of the Drinking Game

Chandelier is a classic drinking game that has been loved and enjoyed by many party-goers for years. The game is easy to learn, requires minimal props, and guarantees a fun and memorable time. If you’ve never played Chandelier before, don’t worry! This article will teach you all you need to know to become a Chandelier master.

What You’ll Need:
– A large table
– Ping pong balls
– Plastic cups (preferably red solo cups)
– Lots of alcohol (beer or any drink of choice)

Setting Up:
1. Find a spacious area, preferably a long table, where all players can gather around comfortably.
2. Arrange the cups in a pyramid shape at one end of the table. The pyramid should consist of one cup at the top, followed by two cups beneath it, then three, and so on until you have a total of 15 cups forming the base.
3. Fill each cup about halfway with your chosen alcoholic beverage.

The Rules of Chandelier:
1. The game starts with each player standing around the table with a full cup of their drink.
2. One player begins the game by bouncing a ping pong ball across the table, aiming to land it inside one of the cups in the pyramid. If successful, the cup owner must drink its contents and remove the cup from the table.
3. However, if the player misses their target and the ball rolls off the table, they must take a drink from their own cup.
4. The game continues clockwise, with each player taking turns in an attempt to bounce the ping pong ball into a cup. Players can also try to make a challenging trick shot at any time, providing extra excitement to the game.
5. Once all the cups in the pyramid are removed, the game intensity increases. Players must now make a specific designated cup from the opponents’ cups as per the designated rules. The last remaining cup becomes the “Chandelier” cup.
6. Each time a player successfully lands a shot into an opponent’s cup, the corresponding player must drink its contents and remove it from the game.
7. The game progresses until all cups except the “Chandelier” cup are removed. The player with the last remaining cup becomes the ultimate Chandelier champion.

Tips to Excel at Chandelier:
1. Practice your aim: The more consistent and accurate you are with your tosses, the higher your chances of succeeding in making shots.
2. Use strategic rebounds: Aim for the back wall of the table to increase the ping pong ball’s chances of bouncing into a cup.
3. Be the trickster: Surprise your opponents with unconventional shots or trick shots. It adds excitement and unpredictability to the game. Just make sure you don’t spend so much time on trick shots that you miss the easier ones!
4. Pace yourself: Chandelier can be a fast-paced drinking game, so it’s important to pace yourself and know your limits. Enjoy the game responsibly, and if needed, feel free to use non-alcoholic alternatives.

Chandelier is a fantastic game that combines skill, strategy, and a good time with friends. It’s an ideal choice for parties, gatherings, or simply to unwind with some friendly competition. Remember to always drink responsibly, know your limits, and enjoy the game responsibly. Cheers to becoming a Chandelier pro!

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